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Published on: 
28 Apr 2022
Holly Griffith

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Do you have a construction project in progress that you would like to implement and achieve zero waste for your construction operations? Do you want to pursue TRUE certification to recognize zero waste activities for a recently completed construction project? Are you interested in informing and influencing the next TRUE certification tool?

If this sounds of interest, TRUE wants to hear from you.

As of 2018, construction and demolition waste (C&D) accounted for 600 million tons of material generated in the U.S. alone, with 145 million of those tons going to the landfill. Within that 145 million tons lies a significant opportunity to decrease waste and direct more material toward its highest and best use.

While TRUE certification is designed to support the dramatic reduction of waste and resource consumption, it has focused primarily on facilities currently in operation, rather than projects in the construction phase that also wish to pursue zero waste.

To close this gap, GBCI is developing a framework to apply TRUE certification to construction projects and is seeking partner projects to collaborate on this effort. Based on initial work with construction projects that have successfully pursued certification, we believe TRUE can provide a road map for project owners, architects, general contractors, developers and subcontractors to make informed choices to reduce wasted materials, time and money.

To help construction projects apply TRUE to reduce waste and improve upstream materials management practices, GBCI has developed a pilot guidance document based on the current TRUE rating system. Through the pilot program, TRUE seeks industry feedback to inform and refine the applicability of this document and address some critical concepts for zero waste in construction that have not yet been covered. We look forward to the input and participation of our community as we seek to expand TRUE to support wider avenues to zero waste.

Complete our short online form to express your interest in the development of this new adaptation of the TRUE rating system. Interested projects do not need experience with the TRUE rating system to be part of the pilot program.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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