Be recognized for your LEED and TRUE achievements with LEED Zero

Published on: 
15 Feb 2019
Sarah Stanley

Businesses around the world are turning to TRUE Zero Waste as a tool to define and achieve zero waste goals for their buildings and facilities. More than 305 million gross square feet of space are TRUE-certified, in 29 U.S. states and 13 countries. In the process of attaining certification, companies are also engaging employees in a culture change, cutting carbon emissions and supporting public health.

TRUE Zero Waste has more than 160 projects

If your TRUE-certified project has also been LEED-certified, you've won a double victory for sustainability—and now, you can be recognized for your exemplary leadership with LEED Zero.

LEED Zero was created by USGBC to verify achievement of net zero goals, including net zero waste. TRUE Platinum projects that have also achieved LEED certification for an existing building or new construction can build on their sustainability leadership with LEED Zero for Waste.

TRUE Zero Waste has diverted 1.5 million tons of waste

To be certified LEED Zero, simply submit your project's TRUE Platinum certification to GBCI for review.

In addition to waste, LEED Zero certification is also available to projects that can demonstrate net zero carbon emissions, net zero energy use or net zero water use. Together, TRUE and LEED certifications signal a level of leadership that will help push the market and advance a zero waste economy.

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