How to certify your TRUE project by the end of 2022

Published on: 
1 Sep 2022
Mikaela Jewell

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Are you planning to achieve TRUE certification for your project by the end of 2022? Plan ahead and stick to a timeline to complete all the key steps in your TRUE certification process.

First, understand the timelines associated with each step in the certification process. Here is an overview of the review process and timeline:

  1. GBCI preliminary review of documentation: Three weeks (15 business days)
  2. Project team response to preliminary review comments: Depends on how quickly your team responds; GBCI suggests responding within four weeks (20 business days).
  3. GBCI final review of documentation: Three weeks (15 business days)

To be certified by the end of the 2022 calendar year, project teams should submit according to the timeline below. Please note that GBCI is closed each year from Nov. 24 to 25 for the Thanksgiving holiday and Dec. 26 to Jan. 2. for winter break. These closure dates are factored into the estimated timeline.


Certification Process Step

Recommended Date for Submission

GBCI Estimated Return Date

TRUE Certification by Dec. 31

Complete registration process

Sept. 12–Oct. 3


Submit documentation for preliminary review

Oct. 14

Nov. 3

Submit documentation for final review

Dec. 5 

Dec. 23 

All registration and certification fee payments must clear before GBCI begins a review of a project. The timelines above assume that no mid-review clarifications or appeal reviews are necessary. If needed, a limited number of expedited reviews are available for an additional fee. Expedited reviews can reduce the overall review timeline by half. The availability of expedited review timelines is based on GBCI capacity. If you are requesting an expedited review, contact GBCI as soon as possible and at least 10 business days prior to submitting your application.

GBCI is here to help, so regardless of your certification goal date, be sure to let us know, so we can advise you in planning your journey to TRUE certification. Project teams hoping to achieve review milestones by a certain date should inform GBCI of their specific needs as early as possible. GBCI will make every effort to accommodate reasonable requests, as capacity allows.

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