Peek into a TRUE project: FGF Brands

Published on: 
2 Jun 2023
Sumner Byrne

Feature image credit: FGF Brands.

FGF Brands is on a mission to become “The World’s Greatest Baker,” and wants to do so in the most responsible way possible. FGF Brands is behind popular bakery product lines across Canada and the United States, including Stonefire, Simple Joys, ACE Bakery and Santosh, which are produced in multiple facilities across Canada.

The company decided to build sustainability into its DNA, focusing on three pillars: zero waste manufacturing, water consumption reduction and carbon neutrality. FGF Brands also joined the Canada Plastics Pact to reduce the impact of its product packaging. Today, it operates six TRUE Silver manufacturing facilities across Canada.

“We are acutely aware of our responsibility to sustainable practices across our entire organization,” says Darcy Curran, environmental sustainability manager at FGF Brands. “The projects and programs associated with our sustainability targets are all part of our transformation to make our company one of the cleanest and most forward-thinking bakeries in the world.”

Three workers in a factory smile at the camera.

Staff at an FGF facility. Image credit: FGF Brands.

These facilities have implemented a number of key practices that earned Silver-level certification across the portfolio. Each facility has unique approaches and opportunities to reduce waste, which include some of the following:

  • Mixed plastic and metal recycling
  • Innovative label back tape and poly card recycling
  • Team member engagement and training
  • Detailed waste tonnage and diversion tracking
  • Paperless functionality implementation
  • Weekly waste inspections and yearly waste audits
  • Food waste reuse for animal feed
  • Pallet reuse
  • Bulk ingredient purchases
  • Expanded recycling agreements with waste management partners

“A goal as monumental as achieving zero waste status requires the ongoing support of each and every team member,” notes Curran. “That’s why we have embedded waste reduction and diversion into the culture at FGF. We are proud of the progress we have made and our TRUE certification!”

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