TRUE addenda update: July 2022

Published on: 
1 Jul 2022
Holly Griffith

The July 2022 quarterly TRUE rating system and guidance addenda is now available. To view the changes, visit the addenda table and search for 7/1/2022.

This release includes an update to the text of four different credits within the TRUE rating system to improve the clarity of language in existing credits and update the introduction to match current process. A few key points to look out for include:

  • The update of Minimum Program Requirement 2 to clarify that for the requirement that projects achieve an average 90% or greater overall diversion for the most recent 12 months, the most recent 12 months may conclude as far back as the three months prior to the application submission date. This is designed to allow some time for data to be collected by project teams before submission.
  • The update of Zero Waste Reporting Credit 3 to clarify that programs located outside the U.S. should use a regional impact reporting tool equivalent to the U.S. EPA’s WARM program or, if a regional substitute is not available, a material-specific impact report. The WARM model is only designed to provide data accurate to conditions in the United States, and as such, using a regional model provides project teams with a more accurate understanding of their project’s impact.

What are addenda?

Addenda are official updates that incorporate changes and improvements to the TRUE rating system and other published guidance documents to help clarify, correct, interpret or provide alternative language. Addenda should be referred to in conjunction with the TRUE rating system and other published guidance documents.

With future versions of the rating system, addenda will be incorporated into that update. Addenda are designed to be a midway step to an official version update, to address needed changes to the rating system.

Want to know more?

Visit our updated Help page for more information about the specifics of the addenda process and how it may impact your project, or check out the TRUE addenda table to understand all the updates that have been made.

Download the addenda