View training videos on TRUE program updates

Published on: 
28 Sep 2022
Celia Ristow

Feature image credit: Jarama, Adobe Stock.

There’s now a new way to learn more about the latest developments in the TRUE rating system, with a recently released series of short videos that provides a brief introduction to TRUE’s most recent program updates.

Comprising seven short videos, the TRUE Program Updates Training Series is a new option for anyone who would like to learn more about topics such as the quarterly addenda process and TRUE’s newer program offerings, such as precertification and portfolios.

Each video focuses on one program update, providing a short introduction to the topic and highlighting key pieces of information. At the end of each video, viewers are directed to further resources on the TRUE website to learn more about the given topic.

The videos highlight the following program updates and can be viewed individually or in sequence to gain a more complete picture of TRUE’s current program offerings:

Watch the TRUE Program Updates series