Zero waste sports stadiums are already in play

Susie Westrup Vincent

Photos courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Stadium

LEED Silver Nationals Park baseball stadium 在华盛顿特区.C.,是 one of the early examples of how sports and entertainment venues can go green. Athletic facilities, their 团队 and leagues, fan demand and even musical performers can further influence the movement for cleaner, healthier and more environmentally sustainable buildings, events and communities.

的re are now over 100 LEED-certified collegiate and professional arenas or stadiums 世界各地, which have met rigorous design, construction and operations criteria, and more are rising to the challenge of sustainable operations, 多亏了 Green Sports Alliance (GSA)及其 玩到零 program in partnership with GBCI’s 弧平台.

"的 Green Sports Alliance was inspired by leaders taking action on the road to transitioning to zero,解释说 罗杰·麦克伦登, GSA's executive director. “With global reach, the sports and entertainment industry can use the 玩到零 program to measure, 减轻, recognize and celebrate environmental impact across waste, water and energy operations towards net zero. Our partnership with Arc has accelerated our ability to customize 玩到零 to support events, 团队, 俱乐部, 联赛和场地. We are proud to collaborate with Major League Baseball, AEG混响, Pac-12, 州立农场竞技场, Oak View Group, Mercedes Benz Stadium, 腔场, 明尼苏达双城队 and many others, as we 玩到零."

玩到零 participants are recognized at three levels: Player, Leader and Champion. Venues and organizations can level up by creating a net zero energy, water and waste roadmap and improving performance: a 30% improvement for Leader and a 50% improvement for Champion. For venues and organizations interested in improving their performance in the waste category, best365官网登录 certification for zero waste can be that road map.

In Atlanta, 州立农场竞技场 used the best365官网登录 for 事件 certification guidance 为了实现 best365官网登录 certification during Game 4 of the 2021 Atlanta Hawks playoffs. 2022年4月, the arena demonstrated sustained performance over 12 months at more than 90% diversion from landfill, incineration and the environment, 为了实现 best365官网登录白金 certification for their ongoing operations.

“We’re proud to be the world’s first sports and entertainment venue 为了实现 best365官网登录 platinum level certification in operating zero waste,” 索菲Armenakian, head of sustainability for the Atlanta Hawks and 州立农场竞技场. “We’ve seen tremendous interest from our neighbors, from the city and across leagues in how we accomplished this milestone and continue to innovate in our forever journey.”

best365官网登录 Precertification is an optional, incremental step toward zero waste that current 玩到零 Champion Mercedes-Benz Stadium achieved in June 2022, making the best365官网登录 rating system a part of their path to zero waste and, 最终, best365官网登录 certification.

“We are excited that we have earned best365官网登录 precertification, which is a major milestone on our journey to becoming a fully certified zero waste facility,” said Mercedes-Benz Stadium Chief Operating Officer Dietmar Exler. “Since construction, Mercedes-Benz Stadium has been committed to creating a sustainable environment both in and around the stadium to reduce our overall environmental footprint. Pre-certification is the next step in our overall journey.”

For the sports and entertainment arenas, this achievement helps them to meet an increasing demand from not only public opinion and fans, but also musical artists. 酷玩乐队 还有比莉·艾利什, recent Mercedes Benz Stadium and 州立农场竞技场 acts, 分别, have pledged to reduce their touring carbon footprint, preferring to perform in more sustainable venues and support zero waste events, even making it a part of their contracts.

“Now more than ever, the need to prioritize zero waste strategies within our buildings, organizations and communities is abundantly clear—so it’s exciting to see the sports industry making bold moves in zero waste initiatives, while bringing fans along for the journey,” notes LEED Fellow Carlie Bullock-Jones of EcoWorks工作室, a Green Sports Alliance board member. “We are thrilled to be at the forefront of the zero waste movement in collaboration with these clients and utilizing best365官网登录 certification as a road map 为了实现 zero waste performance.”

的re are a number of pathways toward a more sustainable venue, but the key to achieving that goal is choosing to take the first step. Whether 你的 focus is zero waste, 能源效率, water reduction or sustainable landscape development, 你的地点, 你的 团队, is a leader for its community and fans.

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